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Instantly embed all the best stickers and GIFs from the planet's highest quality sticker library into your apps.

Our Products

Search API

Bring powerful sticker search to your app. The StickerPop Search API enables your users to instantly find the exact sticker they're looking for and discover their new favorites. They'll never want to leave your app.

StickerPop API

Every app needs StickerPop Stickers. The StickerPop API gives you access to a world-class library of GIF or static designs. We put all the best stickers into the StickerPop API so your users can send and receive stickers all day.

StickerPop SDK

Get all of the best features of StickerPop instantly. Our SDKs will have you implementing sticker features faster, with proven interfaces. Our SDKs are coming soon and available to select partners.

Highest Quality

All stickers are curated and approved. If a sticker doesn’t make the cut quality-wise, it doesn’t make it into our sticker library. A quality over quantity approach keeps your app feeling and looking premium.

Always Updating

New stickers are constantly being added. Consumer and search trends are analyzed to ensure that the most relevant and requested stickers are discoverable. Your app will always have trending content.

Exclusive Content

All stickers are created by world-class artists. This includes their own designs or designs created with licensing partners (movies, televisions shows, influencers, and more). Legally embed intellectual property in your app